Food is not only a necessity for our living and sustaining our life, but it is also the way to a man's heart through his stomach!! We do prepare the delicious mouth-watering dishes as a mixture of innovative ideas of our dedicated chefs to reach the heart of all the people who comes here. We are dedicated here to present you a really excellent and unforgettable culinary experience. Hanas Rasoi blends the ancient with the current recipes and brings the guests down the path to losing themselves in the exotic flavors of India. It is evidently the foodie’s paradise. The cozy bistro feel of Hanas Rasoi is cordial.
Our numerous remarkable menus invite return visits obviously, for there is so many to taste and experience to choose from. The food is simply delicious for the Indian taste buds. Our delicious recipes are the blend of fresh ingredients which are necessary for Indian cuisines and the innovation of our chefs. Every menu item is properly seasoned, balanced and mouth-watering. Another good about Hanas Rasoi is that it's situated in the heart of Salzburg. So, one can reach the restaurant easily at any point of time without much hassle. Once you come here to dine, your taste buds will get pampered and always provoke you to come several times.